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Medistrom Pilot -24 Lite Back up power supply and Travel battery


Compatible with: Airsense 10,  Airmini, S9, Dreamstation Go

Contains:    Pilot 24 Lite battery, Battery carry sleeve, DC out cable Airsense 10, DC out cable Airmini, Short charging adaptor cable for Airmini.

Size: 17cm x 9cm x 2cm        Weight: 1.3lb

Industrial grade rechargeable lithium ion cell battery



Backup Power Supply: While using Pilot Lite battery as a permanent back up power supply, you can rest assured that you will have uninterrupted CPAP even if the home power fails.

CPAP Travel Battery: Use Pilot Lite battery as a portable travel battery for remote locations where mains power is not available such as camping and during air travel.

Additional features: Charge a variety of handheld electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or cameras with the built in USB port.

LED flashlight on the front of the unit for use in the event of power loss.

Warranty:    1 year

Important Information:

Batteries are not interchangeable. Machine and battery damage will occur if incorrect battery is connected to CPAP machine.

No Power adaptors are included with the Pilot 12 or 24 Lite battery. Pilot 12 & 24 Lite are designed to be charged using series of ResMed and Respironics AC Power adaptors.

Battery must be charge minimum of every 6 months or battery damage will occur.

For this reason it is recommended that the battery be plugged in as a backup power source at all times.