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“I am no longer nodding off driving to work in the morning (scared myself a few times), nodding off at my desk at times (not good), or taking sinus medication to relieve what I thought was a sinus headache.” 

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 Dr. Stephen Price

“My entire life and my family has benefited from treating my sleep apnea.”

“...PSG is focused on the person, on helping them get the best sleep possible, and they sincerely care about you.”

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 Nand Narine

“In retrospect, I should have gone for testing earlier to learn about the process and get some information about this option in treating sleep apnea.” 

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 Zubin Sologan

“My spouse can sleep against me now that I can lay on my back, and we can fall asleep better together.” 

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Dennis Ducholke

“The experience was excellent. The sleep clinician explained everything in detail.”  

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