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1. What symptoms or medical issues did you have that led to the sleep test?

Fatigue, tiredness, headaches.


2. Did your Doctor suggest the sleep test to check for sleep apnea?

No. I figured I did not have the risk factors for sleep apnea and neither did she when I mentioned it but she was willing to refer me. My TSH was normal so why was I always tired?


3. How did you feel about the diagnosis of sleep apnea?

Relieved. There was a cause and easy fix for waking up with headaches every day and feeling so tired all the time.


4. Prior to treatment, how did you feel about the idea of wearing a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea?

I was not excited. I was a mouth breather and was afraid I would feel claustrophobic. I realized later that I was a mouth breather because I could not get enough oxygen.


5. Describe your experience of the treatment appointment at Provincial Sleep Group.

Great! I had scheduled follow-up appointments and phone calls from my RT


6. How did you find the follow-up care provided by your sleep clinician?

Great! I had scheduled follow-up appointments and phone calls from my RT


7. Describe some changes you have noticed since being on CPAP therapy.

I am not tired all the time and no more morning headaches! I am not falling asleep driving to work in the morning.


8. How do you feel now about wearing a CPAP machine for treatment of sleep apnea?
I have no problem wearing it as I know I will feel so much better after doing so.


9. What impact has treating your sleep apnea had on your life? Keep in mind lifestyle, physical changes, physiological changes, relationship changes, etc.

A huge impact. I am no longer nodding off driving to work in the morning (scared myself a few times), nodding off at my desk at times (not good), or taking sinus medication to relieve what I thought was a sinus headache. I am not embarrassed when we have guests stay at the lake with us now.


10. What impact has treating your sleep apnea had on your spouse or partner?

He was getting ready to sleep in another room. We both now get a good nights’ sleep.


11. What reasons would you give when recommending Provincial Sleep Group to a friend or family member?

If you want to feel better, possibly stop some medications, keep your other half happy, possibly lose weight, why not get tested for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea does not just affect overweight people with large neck circumferences. I know that now.


12. What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with the idea of using CPAP?

Try it! You have nothing to lose. There are different style masks so I know you will find one that is right for you.


13. Please provide any additional information that you feel important to reflect your journey of diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

Heart disease is prominent in my family so it was shocking and scary to find out that I actually stopped breathing during the night causing strain on my heart. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I believe my dad had sleep apnea. He had the weight risk factor, and past smoker, but I am sure the sleep apnea contributed to his heart attack.