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Dr. Stephen Price

1. What symptoms or medical issues did you have that led to the sleep test?

Occasional headaches upon waking. Others informed me that I snored. My partner mentioned that she would notice I stopped breathing for short period during the night.


2. Did your Doctor suggest the sleep test to check for sleep apnea?

Not originally, but when I spoke with my physician they were in favor of having a sleep check performed.


3. How did you feel about the diagnosis of sleep apnea?

I was slightly shaken. I do not consider myself a person for which I think sleep apnea is common. I am very fit and at the time of my diagnosis I was actually a lower BMI (weight) than average for my age and height.


4. Prior to treatment, how did you feel about the idea of wearing a cpap machine to treat sleep apnea?

I was nervous about having something on my face, worried that it might result in claustrophobia or worried that I might roll during my sleep and dislodge the mask.


5. Describe your experience of the treatment appointment at Provincial Sleep Group? (The appointment where you got your cpap machine)

My sleep clinician was amazing. The instructions were always very clear and there was a lot of follow-up. I had some issues with mask fit early on and Provincial Sleep Group was very patient and committed to ensuring I had the mask that was a perfect solution for me.


6. How did you find the follow up care provided by your Sleep Clinician?

Great. The clinician was very attentive, always checking in and having full concern for my sleep.


7. Describe some changes that you have noticed since being on cpap therapy?

Since being treated for sleep apnea the headaches are gone, my sleep quality is improved by huge amounts and I wake almost every morning feeling very rested. I no longer fall asleep while watching movies at night and I feel an increase in my overall quality of life. Not to mention how I feel that my long-term health has benefitted from my improved sleep. I was very nervous that my "stopping breathing" was either damaging to my health or potentially fatal.


8. How do you feel now about wearing a cpap machine for treatment of sleep apnea?

It has become part of my routine. I share broadly with others that I have sleep apnea and that I use cpap for treatment. I let people know that anybody can have sleep apnea, not just those who snore, or who are struggling with their weight.


9. What impact has treating your sleep apnea had on your life? Keep in mind lifestyle, physical changes, physiological changes, relationship changes, etc.

My entire life and my family has benefited from treating my sleep apnea. I notice improvements in all areas of my life. I have a young family and now have the energy necessary to be an active participant in their lives.


10. What impact has treating your sleep apnea had on your spouse or partner?

Well, she loves the quiet white noise from the cpap much more than my previous snoring. The short acclimation period for her was minor and she does appreciate that her partner does not stop breathing during the night anymore.


11. What reasons would you give when recommend Provincial Sleep Group to a friend of family member?

I would tell them that PSG is focused on the person, on helping them get the best sleep possible, and they sincerely care about you.


12. What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with the idea of using CPAP

My advice is to be patient as you acclimatize to treatment. Work with the sleep clinician to ensure that your mask is fitting well. The inconvenience of wearing CPAP is seriously outweighed by the significant health benefits.