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Are you texting while you sleep?

Posted by Janet Vanderveen on

We’re all familiar with texting, but did you know that’s it’s also possible to send and receive text messages while remaining asleep? If you sleep with your phone close by, you could be at risk for the behavior. Most sleep texting occurs when messages are received, but it’s also possible to initiate messages.

Why does this happen?

The term parasomnia includes behaviors like sleep walking, sleep eating, and sleep talking. With the advancement of technology, we can now add sleep texting to the list of purposeful behaviours that happen during sleep.


If you consider that our brains are complex structures, it’s not difficult to see that separate parts of the brain can experience different levels of consciousness simultaneously. When it comes to sleep texting, part of the brain is probably asleep and the part that manages movement and allows you to respond to texts, could be alert and working. Most sleep texting occurs within the first two hours of sleep and could be linked to being on your phone before falling asleep. Sleep texting is definitely becoming a phenomenon and is now replacing sleepwalking as the most common sleep behavior. Many medical professionals are calling it an arousal disorder and one of the primary contributing factors could be linked to stress. Stress can have an impact physically, emotionally, and in extreme cases, can also lead to conditions such as sleep apnea.


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Here are some examples of sleep texting that might influence your decision to sleep away from your phone in the future.

Learning new languages

That’s more than a little confusing…

Cliff diving? No thanks

This person is up for some adventure late at night.

The fish can help

If someone is ever following you in a car, just know: the fish can help.


A hidden code

Decipher my gibberish.  

It might be time to move your phone

A simple solution to sleep texting is to take the phone out of the bedroom. It can be disruptive to your sleep environment if you get texts or phone calls at night. The constant interruptions can influence your ability to fall asleep and can even cause insomnia. Don’t fall into a pattern of sleep deprivation as this can have a negative impact on your health and waking life. Charge your phone in another room and reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Most of the time sleep texting messages don’t make any sense, but depending on your level of wakefulness, they can be embarrassing.


If you are worried because you’ve experienced sleep texting in the past, and you’re tired during the day, don’t hesitate to take our sleep quiz - we might be able to help.


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